I want to do a GSoC project... Can you tell me what to do?

Are you a guy who used to ask the above question every time? Then you are not alone. And luckily you are at the right place. If you are good at coding and ready to work hard but struggling to move forward, don’t worry, here is the complete guide to Google Summer of Code(GSoC) for students.

“And believe me you won’t ask the above question again!”

Definitive Guide to Google Summer of Code

As you might know Google Summer of Code is a program announced by Google for student developers which offer them stipends to write code for various open source software projects. Definitive Guide to Google Summer of Code is unique premium guide for students who are willing to participate on (GSoC) Google Summer of Code.

Why Definitive Guide?

What exactly Inside the ebook?

This ebook consists of 4 modules. They are

    Open source software development
  • What is open source
  • Basic tools used in open source development
  • OSS tools- Developer Documentation
  • OSS tools- Communication Channels
  • OSS tools- Software
  • OSS tools- Developer Guidelines
  • Participating open source project as a student
    Summer of Code in action
  • Introduction to Google Summer of Code
  • Benefits of being student
  • Must read GSoC resources
  • How GSoC works
  • How do students get paid
  • GSoC vs. GCI
  • GSoC students skill requirement
  • GSoC roadmap
  • Choosing organization
  • Choosing Project
  • Proposal writing etiquettes
  • 31 Ways How not to Apply for GSoC
    Community interaction
  • Getting Started to Community Interaction
  • Guidelines to interact on IRC
  • Guidelines to interact on mailing lists
  • IRC Channel Explained
  • Using mentors effectively- Guidance student can expect from mentors
  • Using mentors effectively- What mentors can't do
    After Summer of Code
  • Proposal Not Accepted? Check Why?
  • What after successful GSoC
  • List of organization that run GSoC alternative program
  • List of Organization Accept Projects outside the Framework of GSoC
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Who is behind the book

Hi I am Shahzad Saeed, a graduate student and the same guy behind the student project tips blog TechAndProject.com It has been 3 years since I started my blog and helping people who are willing to do various projects.

Successful GSoC is not just getting selected

Some people believe that successful GSoC means just getting your proposal selected for GSoC. You are wrong! You have a full summer ahead for a big work. We understand this! So this guide not only directs what should you do to get your proposal selected, it also guide you the later process for scheduling your time for coding to submitting your final code.

What Old GSoC student says

Sunil Kumar, GSoC 2011 student

Definitive Guide to Google Summer of Code is an excellent book which provides an in-depth view of "How Google Summer of Code works?".

It helps the readers in proposing their projects to the various open-source organization participating in GSOC. This book is a must read for all GSOC aspirants who are new to this program.

-Sunil Kumar, GSoC 2011 student, R-project Organization

What People are saying

Akhil Abraham, GSoC aspirant

I am a computer science engineering student. I had some experience in coding for college coding projects. I am good at C, C++ programming and have basic idea about programming with JAVA. But I have no previous open source software project coding experience.

And I was lucky enough to read the Definitive Guide to Google Summer of Code ebook. I just want to thank Shahzad for his wonderful work. Now I am looking forward to join Summer of Code.

-Akhil Abraham, GSoC aspirant, www.globinfotech.com

Anuraj, GSoC aspirant

I am a graphic designer and I used to play with different programming languages like PHP, HTML, C, C++ and Java

I was really confused at the stage of choosing an appropriate organization and project for GSoC. After reading Shahzad's ebook, now I have a precised idea about what to do when during the GSoC program

-Anuraj, GSoC aspirant, www.softuniquecorp.com

You've nothing to lose

Buy the ebook just for £ 0.99

If you are not completely satisfied with the Definitive Guide to Google Summer of Code within 30 Days let me know and I’ll refund your full money. So you have nothing to lose but you are 90 seconds away from the GSoC success formulae.

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Disclaimer: We are not affiliate or in no way representing Google Inc. or Summer of Code program. We are not guaranteeing selection of your GSoC proposal nor your success. We are providing information which most of successful GSoC student follows.