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Below given is a list of FREE pdf electronic project reports. These reports will be highly helpful for creating low cost mini projects for electronic fares/exhibitions especially in your colleges or schools.
Click any of the links below and download free PDF.

1. Making of Electronic Code Circuit

This is a password protect electronic circuit.This report reveals how to make Simple Electronic Coded Circuit in low cost.This circuit response only when right sequences of codes are entered. >> Click here

2. How to make Pyro-Electric Fire Alarm

This is a project report on making of a fire alarm. Fire alarm is used to detect the presence of fire and to make necessary actions. Know why Pyro Electric Fire Alarm is so crucial. >> Click here




3. How to make Burglar Alarm?

This project would be useful for those people who like to have a simple circuited project. Only the skill for soldering is needed as my concern. The main advantage of this kind of Burglar Alarm is that it is a thief resistive alarm. Whenever the loop of alarm is short circuited, it will start alerting because a sensing resistor is used in this loop. >> Click here



4. How to make electronic Stethoscope?

ethoscope arenot only for doctors, but for home mechanics,exterminators and spying etc. It amplifies a signal and remove background noises. Click the link to read more on making of electronic stethoscope. >> Click here



5. Project Report on Accelerometer Based Tilt Sensor for Controlling wheel Chair

This is not a low cost mini-project. It is useful for people who are really looking for a project after their final exam.This 23 page report has an objective of controlling a certain object with the help of movement of palm. It includes circuit diagram, C++ program and other useful stuffs.

>> Click here

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