Ubuntu 12.10 QuantalQuetzal is Avaliable to Download

Here is the download link for the final release of Ubuntu 12.10. I hope this will help for those guys who don’t want to wait for the public release of the download link. Download Ubuntu i386 Desktop: Download Ubuntu amd64 Desktop: Download Ubuntu powerpc Desktop: Hope this helped!! Ubuntu 12.10 QuantalQuetzal is Avaliable to Download

What Windows 8 Features We All Look Forward To

By now you’re probably wondering what Windows 8 is all about. You’ve seen the pictures and you saw that it looks colorful. What are all those colors anyway? Is it all a gimmick?

Nope, it’s not. Windows 8 features plenty of new features, while still offering the old look that we have all come to love. It features better compatibility with tablets (there’s also a Windows 8 for tablets) and with that in mind, owning a Windows 8 tablet also looks like a good deal.

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Switching from Windows to free Software- Part 1: 5 FREE Windows Alternative Operating System

Did you install Windows on your PC? If yes, is your system hanging every time? Are you looking for better and updated anti-virus software? Damn you. You will never find better anti-virus software for your Windows. If you actually find one get ready for another system failure. Believe me: Failure is not an option – it comes bundled with Windows. This post is for those people who got tired by using Windows PC, tired by finding an anti-virus software, tired by updating it regularly and tired again by finding new Windows OS disk to format and reinstall.
Most of us are using Windows OS from our childhood and are not familiarized with using free software. It will be really a hard time if someone switched to Linux platform without having an experience of using it and other associated free software on first hand. For those who are seriously start believing on free software concept or believing themselves as open source enthusiast as I do and those who love to use an OS for their own wish not the OS developers’ wish (read 10 reasons to use free software) here I start a new series of post titled Switching from Windows to free software.
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