Ubuntu 12.10 QuantalQuetzal is Avaliable to Download

Here is the download link for the final release of Ubuntu 12.10. I hope this will help for those guys who don’t want to wait for the public release of the download link. Download Ubuntu i386 Desktop: Download Ubuntu amd64 Desktop: Download Ubuntu powerpc Desktop: Hope this helped!! Ubuntu 12.10 QuantalQuetzal is Avaliable to Download

Definitive Guide to Google Summer of Code now available at Lulu.com

Recently if you’d visited GSoC ebook page, you might have noticed that the ebook Definitive Guide to Google Summer of Code was not available. Today I am happy to announce that the ebook is now available at Lulu.com You can download it in pdf format.

If you did not read it yet, feel free to know more about it and purchase it here. www.GSoCguide.com Read More …

Migration from Proprietary to Free Software- a Case Study

There are numerous reasons why every educational institution must use free software. In fact, proprietary software is incompatible with education because users are just inert consumers and are legally restricted from examining its source code. Education using computers should be free. Recommended reading- 6 Secrets: why people hate using free open source software.
Many people believe that teaching students to use proprietary software will increase the students’ potential to learn, to get jobs and other opportunities. But for the proprietary software vendors, education is a major source of revenue and a huge opportunity to acquaint future adults with their product and keep their dominance on the market forever. They spend huge amount of money on marketing to acquire the support of educational departments. Read More …

Download Google Summer of Code Guide ebook almost FREE! Offer Valid for 24 hours

Yes you read it right! Download Definitive Guide to Google Summer of Code ebook ALMOST FREE now. Enter the discount code TechAndProject and download the definitive guide for just $0.95. Note that the same ebook I was selling for $9.95 and this offer is only valid upto 29th march 2012 IST 23 : 59. (valid for 24 hours). You are just 90 seconds away from GSoC guide success formulae. Read More …