Why I believe Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Wins Over iOS – 5 Reasons

Apple is supposed to be one of the leaders at the market of mobile operation systems, especially after the release of its new iOS 6. The company has brought several very decent improvements to the OS; however, there are some fields in which Apple lags behind Ice Cream Sandwich, an operation system developed by Google.

In case you don’t keep up with latest news regarding Android, Ice Cream Sandwich might be a new word for you. So let me explain about it. Since April 2009, each Android version has been developed under a codename based on a dessert or sweet treat. Ice Cream Sandwich is the codename for Android 4.0, one of the latest versions of the Android platform.
So, let’s have a look at the features that make ICS the best mobile operation system for now. Read More …

The Android OS: Not Yet Fragmented!

Before we go to the technicalities of the topic, let me provide you some enlightenment: When we say that a particular operating system is fragmented, it means that there are many versions- both present and past- that are still in use or available on the market. This sort of phenomenon happens when older Gen devices are not receiving software updates or upgrades. And this is exactly the issue that the Google Android is entangled in. The great OS has been widely criticized because of how fragmented its goods are.

It was only recently that mobile phones became integrated with able operating systems that were usually found in laptops and computers. This opened the doors for a new breed of super phones- the smartphones. Read More …