Hi, I am Shahzad Saeed, a graduate student. My college days are over and currently, I am not a student. I founded this blog TechandProject.com as a hobby during my college days.

I used to give tips for students who are willing to participate on various international science fairs and student project programs including Google Summer of Code. You can find product reviews and some technology tips here.

Why do I blog?

As I’ve told you I’ve never participated in any open source project and not even planning to do. I am a great fan of some project programs like Google Summer of Code. I am not a good coder (and I don’t want to be).

But myself I consider as a great HELPER! Have you ever seen any dedicated blog helping students to participate in such programs and fairs?

You might have seen Google Code blog or GSoC organizations blog who really want to get great coders with them. You can also see some Summer of Code student blog running on public domain (or their own domain) which shares the respective bloggers experience on Summer of Code or other science fairs.

The problems with these blogs are they are monologues. There is less interactivity between the readers and the bloggers. They just share their experiences. It may be enough for above average coder.

But here I am running a blog to help project aspirants and I did not participate in such projects. I can bring some project candidates as guest to this blog, so that readers can clear doubts and candidates can share their experiences.

For example, I used to conduct interviews with candidates of different projects and I am also running a Facebook Group for GSoC aspirants where you can meet experienced GSoC students and more authorized people. I want to make sure my readers are getting all the information regarding project and science fairs from this blog. In our college even Computer Science major students ask me doubt regarding open source projects.

Being an electrical and electronics engineering student this make me so proud and happy. I believe this is the biggest respect I got by being a blogger of TechandProject.com

Apart from GSoC, I used to write tips for other projects and science fairs and you can read some technology news and tips too. Hope you enjoy this blog and you might want to connect with me on

You can contact me here.


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