Top apps to secure your home and give you peace of mind

Few of us can claim not to worry about what goes on in our homes behind our backs. What are our kids up to? Is the dog chewing up anything she ought not to? Is our property safe? What if somebody breaks in?

We invest a lot in burglar alarms and high-end home security systems to ease our concerns and double secure our homes. The systems may work fine but they are expensive. What should those among us who cannot afford these expenses do about securing our homes?

Worry not, for there is help at hand. In fact, there’s some excellent help at hand. Simply turn to your smartphone for ultimate help.

Here’s how:

Tap into the power of home security apps

Apps are wonderful things. They take care of so many aspects of our lives that it’s easy to come to rely on them to get through our day. Your home security is one such aspect where your nifty little smartphone will do you huge favours.

Let’s take a look at some of the best home security apps for your phone. Most of them are available for free download on Google Play and App Store, and can be used across mobile platforms.

This is a free app designed for the iPhone, the iPad, and Android devices. The most intriguing bit about this app is that it can be used without access to a phone network or even an Internet connection.

It allows you to remote monitor your property, and receive email and text alerts in real time about activity on your turf. Remember Knight and Day and the alerts that Tom Cruise would receive regarding the movement of a certain car? Yeah, something like that.

You can even lock your doors with the aid of this app (simply integrate it with your door-lock system), turn the lights on and off, set up the alarm from a remote location, and connect with an emergency operator in case the alarm sounds. Apple claims it is tamper-proof, meaning only you can change the settings.


So you’ve got an old iPhone lying around that you don’t know what to do with? Well, you’re in luck.

A very smart use for old iPhones (or iPads or iPod Touches) is to convert them into security cameras for your house, which is what Presence does. It is a DIY system with very simple steps to follow. You download and configure the app on both your iPhones, or whichever mobile devices you have chosen for this purpose. Initialise the camera in one of the devices and view it via the app installed on the other device.

This app allows you to keep an eye on your home by providing you with real-time video and audio feed. It also comes with motion detection abilities. Where this app differs from most others is that it allows you to determine if the type of motion detected warrants action. Its motion detection alerts can be set to send over to the user a video clip before it sounds the alarm, thus helping you steer clear of false alarms.


This is another iPhone app that converts your Apple smartphone into a security camera with motion detection abilities. It is, however, limited in range in that it only focuses on particular areas within the house. Download the app to your phone, start it, and focus the camera on the area you want to keep an eye on and the app will make a note of it. It will notify you each time there’s activity in that range in the form of a photo and create a photo album where all such alerting photos will be stored.

AtHome Camera

This app can be operated not just on iOS and Android devices but also on PCs. This clever little thing is said to have the sophistication of high-end surveillance systems. It gives its users the ability to remotely monitor their home via live video streaming, records 30-second motion detection videos, and notifies you of them with email alerts. It also lets you schedule the recording and remotely power up your computer or put it to sleep.

TinyCam Monitor

This is another free app, specifically for Android devices, that lets you monitor your home via a webcam. Using it is fairly simple. Download and install the app in your phone and connect it to your webcam (or your home security system). Once that is done you will be able to start receiving live video streaming on your phone.  The number of screens you are able to see will depend on how much area your webcam covers. If you don’t want to spend a lot on home security systems, simply install multiple webcams in all the important locations of your house and remote monitor them through your phone with the help of this app.

Set up a remote-controlled home surveillance system on your phone

If you can afford an elaborate home security system, certain CCTV camera companies sell systems that are compatible with the iPhone and a number of other mobile devices. You simply need to set up the system in your house and integrate it with your phone.

That will allow you to access the video surveillance via your mobile phone when you are away. You can also choose to receive mobile alerts when your security settings detect a breach.

You don’t have any excuse now not to keep an eye on your home (or your business, as the case maybe). Just kick back and enjoy your coffee. Your house is secure and you are in full control of its security.

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Top apps to secure your home and give you peace of mind