James Bond’s Guide to Home Security Gadgets

james bondYou probably grew up watching Agent 007 defeat criminals effortlessly. A small part of you probably envied him because of his gadgets. From jet packs to spy cameras installed in a pen, his trove of gadgets are as endless as his courage. Did you ever imagine what would his home be like? Would it be amazing to have those gadgets protect you and your family?

Wireless home alarm systems are not the only hi-tech home security systems available in the market, here are a few home security gadgets inspired by James Bond.

Wireless Pressure Mat (Mat-On-Guard)

The Mat-on-Guard is perfect for guarding your entrance or porch. The mat connects wirelessly to a chime system that you can install around your house. As soon as a visitor steps on the mat, the small state-of-the-art transmitter will send a signal to the chime system that will notify you. This is ideal for homes in urban areas or for those frequented by door-to-door salespersons.

Pure DAB Radio Wi-Fi Camera with Night Vision

James Bond is on the move even at night. Darkness was never a problem for the spy agent as his night vision goggles was always at hand. You can also have the same technology for your home.

The fully functional DAB Radio blends perfectly in any living room. However, it hides a night vision Wi-Fi camera with an infra-red black light that can capture images up to 8 meters in total darkness. This device can be monitored by any Smartphone, tablet or personal computer anywhere in the world. You can program the radio to record high quality surveillance videos based on your schedule. The built-in motion sensor in the camera can also notify you of any movement in your home while giving you the option to record or ignore.

Keyless Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock Trinity 788

All the alarms and surveillance cameras are useless if unwanted visitors can unlock your door while you are away. Typical door locks and bolts are vulnerable to burglars as they already perfected the art of sneaking in.

Presenting the Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock.

Your home can now guard itself against unknown personas by recording the fingerprints of your family. It is equipped with optical sensors and CMOS chip that can easily read your thumb prints and open the door. Its heavy duty design prevents determined criminals from dismantling the door lock system. Not only are you safe from unwelcome entities, you won’t have to hide keys on flower pots anymore.


Like James Bond villains, criminals nowadays are smart and resourceful. They can penetrate any house they want. What can you do to protect yourself and your family when burglars are able to enter your home? Blast them with fog!

FogSHIELD confuses even the best thieves by releasing dense fog a second after they enter the room. The fog covers 2,000 square foot of space in about 15 seconds. The system has been used in movies and theaters for decades and now it is ideal in protecting your home. The fog is safe for areas with electronic devices, computers and animals. It dissipates after 45 minutes without leaving a trace, so cleaning up is not a problem. It is also easy to connect to your existing alarm system. So, while criminals are disoriented by the fog, FogSHIELD will trigger the alarm system forcing them to leave.

Hidden Safes

James Bond is not only known for his gadgets, but also for his ingenuity. Let’s say the gadgets mentioned failed to protect your house and tech-savvy burglars were able to sneak in and find their way to your room. How can you protect your belongings?

Dressers and bedroom cabinets are obvious choices to hide your money and jewelry. Why not use hidden safes? Safes that look like ordinary household items can easily hide your valuables and have high chances of being overlooked. The “common and uninteresting” things are the last places thieves will look into and will probably leave if they cannot find anything important. It is also cheaper than industry standard safes that are easy to identify. Hidden safes can also be customized to match the look of power outlets in your home.

At the end of the day, you as a homeowner should be alert and smart in protecting your home. Assess your area and your house for vulnerabilities in security. Protect yourself and your family by hiding all your valuables away from prying eyes. After all, it was James Bond who defeated all the criminals, not his gadgets.


Author Bio: John Anderson has been a freelance writer since 2008. His work is almost exclusively on home improvement, home security, technology, green and simple living, and business. Follow John at @johnanderson090 or go to his website, www.infiltrationalert.com.

James Bond’s Guide to Home Security Gadgets