Five best game consoles of the noughties

Video games have come a long way since they first hit the shelves in the latter part of the last century. And as a result, games consoles have made huge advances as well.

With so many to pick from, choosing the top five consoles from the last decade is tricky, but in no particular order, here are my unbeatable games consoles from the noughties.

Xbox 360

Hitting the market in 2005, the Xbox 360 was originally launched with 14 games, and became famous for games such as Call of Duty, Gears of War and Halo, all of which sold millions of copies around the world.

Accessories for the Xbox 360 include the Kinect sensor which allows users to control and interact with the console using gestures and spoken commands.

This advanced ad-on has brought the console right up to date and thanks to this and other exciting developments, I wouldn’t upgrade or sell my Xbox 360 any time soon.

Nintendo Wii

Released by Nintendo in late 2006, this seventh generation console was developed as an answer to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Its wireless control system quickly made the Wii stand out from other consoles, as did its emphasis on interaction and connectivity.

As many of the games available for the Wii involve sports instead of shooting, it’s seen as a more family friendly console, introducing a whole new audience to computer games and virtual entertainment.

The PlayStation 3

Like the Wii, the PS3 was released to the market in late 2006, just in time for the Christmas rush.

Though it did have wireless controllers, the PS3 was less interactive than the Nintendo Wii. Nevertheless, the PlayStation faithful bought the console in their thousands and its success was assured.

Compatible with a number of on demand TV and film services, the PS3 is ideal for anyone who likes mixing gaming with movies.

Nintendo DS

For a long time I thought that the good old Game Boy would never be beaten when it comes to handheld games consoles. However, with its advanced capabilities and great range of games, the Nintendo DS is winning the hearts of many.

Great for kids learning to use consoles – and for keeping them entertained on long journeys – the DS is a family friendly device with big appeal, and is now one of the biggest selling games consoles of all time.

PlayStation Vita

Arriving right at the end of the noughties, this handheld console was designed to give the DS a run for its money.

Complete with a touch screen as well as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology, this little console certainly packs a big punch.

The PlayStation Vita will also be compatible as a second screen for the upcoming PlayStation 4, so the future is definitely looking good for this technology-lead console.

This guest post is by Francis Parker from MusicMagicPie, who is a big fan of gaming. He also focus on ways for gamers to save money – such as considering whether to  to fund the purchase of other consoles or gadgets.

Five best game consoles of the noughties