Acer Iconia W3 8″ Windows 8 tablet leaks

Smartphones have generally dominated the previous year and have been at the forefront of innovation. Just about everyone has been talking smartphones and who can blame them, with releases like the iPhone 5 and BlackBerry 10 OS Handsets paving every headline in the world of techies. But on another front, since it’s safe to say that innovation is now all about getting out the right apps, and making sure that individuals across various platforms have access to them.

This means that devices other than smartphones get to share in the glory too, namely tablets (good thing too as they aren’t subjected to Android spy in the same manner). Windows is definitely a competitor in the tablets market and has often hinted at budget tablets hitting the markets. The idea of budget friendly tablets was released by Acer only, initially starting at manufacturing $99 tablets. Now the Acer prices are so fabulous that even the tablet critics may have themselves wondering why not to simply get one and form an ecosystem with their existing smartphones and laptops.

With Acer getting some attention, individuals have started finally looking out for their latest deals. And now the latest rumors are that Acer Iconia will be featuring a Windows 8 setup and is getting people excited. Why? Simply because the world now gets to see the world’s first small screen windows Tablet. Those who have been holding out for a good deal with such an updated Acer tablet might not have to wait so much longer. According to PCWorld, an image and description of the world’s first small Windows based tablet is out. The Acer Iconia w3-810-1600 was leaked on Amazon not so long ago before it was quickly removed.

The specs are pretty good with an 8.1 inch display, dual core Atom processor and 32 GB storage for starters. So far no Windows 8 tablet has released measuring less than 10 inches. The rumors of this tablet first came out somewhere in April and the ensuing leak by Amazon has everyone talking.

The price on Amazon when it was posted was $380 which may or may not be the price at its release. And of course this brings us back to the cheapness of tablets and exactly how low such small screen manufactured devices can go. The price isn’t exactly dirt cheap at fewer than 400 bucks but it isn’t exactly asking for a pound of flesh either. For just 50 bucks more than an iPad mini, you can get the full extent of the Windows 8 user experience.

The Windows 8 hardware has recently undergone some tweaks that Microsoft came up with to the hardware cetification guidelines. As a result of this OEMs gained some room to experiment and hence produce small tablets since they could now reduce the display resolution requirement to 1024x768pixels with a depth of 32bits for even smaller devices. Which probably means that we will be seeing more small screen tablets to come equipped with Windows 8 ready to go.

This is a guest post by Jessica who is a tech writer for MobiStealth and loves all things mobile. She writes reviews on various internet based technologies. She can be contacted @jcarol429.

Acer Iconia W3 8″ Windows 8 tablet leaks