Mobile Device Management for Employees on the Go

The pace of modern business is astounding. Communication is key for employees and co-workers who are constantly on the go. A common solution is the use of mobile devices. Smartphones, tablets and other smart devices are versatile tools for small and big businesses alike.

But a fleet of portable devices requires precise and customizable control in the form of mobile device management (MDM). MDM gives businesses practical and scalable management over the devices their employees use.

Research in Motion’s BlackBerry products have been a staple in wireless innovation since their introduction in 1999. According to a press release by RIM, 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies use BlackBerry smartphones today. It follows naturally that they supplement these devices with mobile device management capabilities such as BlackBerry Mobile Fusion, a next-generation MDM solution for government and business customers.

BlackBerry Mobile Fusion

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BlackBerry Mobile Fusion is the newest addition to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) infrastructure and extends BES mobile device management features to Android and iOS devices. These features include remote lock and wipe, application and software management, connectivity management, configuration management and much more.

BlackBerry Enterprise Server offers security, reliability and management on a highly scalable platform. With more personal devices being brought into the workplace than ever, BlackBerry Mobile Fusion is a practical answer to managing devices that range across multiple operating systems.

The benefits of mobile device management solutions such as BlackBerry Mobile Fusion are highly cost-effective. According to a survey on, the average number of full-time employees required to manage smartphones is expected to increase to 4 employees per 1,000 mobile devices in 2013, up from 2.9 employees required in 2011. At a cost of $99 per year or $4 per month per user, Mobile Fusion offers a scalable system for managing a large network of smartphones to better handle the surge of device management required by businesses.

For Enterprises

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BlackBerry allows enterprises to have precise control and management catered to their needs. Multiple devices and operating systems can be managed per user allowing employees to use both corporate-owned and personal-owned phones.

It also provides a range of needs from basic ActiveSync-only syncing to full Enterprise Mobility Management for the highest levels of control needed for government or enterprise needs. RIM also provides secure encryption and containerization of data and communication to protect against data leakage and unauthorized devices accessing corporate assets.

The BlackBerry 10 is RIM’s newest OS and acts as their latest flagship product. In conjunction with BlackBerry Enterprise Server, BlackBerry 10 offers unmatched management capabilities and integration with BlackBerry’s MDM suite. Many consider BlackBerry 10 a huge step forward in smartphone innovation.

Whether operating a small business or an enterprise, mobile device management is crucial to the security, integration, functionality and practicality of a smartphone solution to communication needs. Popular among large corporations and government organizations, BlackBerry provides an MDM platform that boasts an array of features.

With BlackBerry Mobile Fusion, cross-operating system integration is now fully supported. Employees are free to use their own personal devices if they please, as Fusion is now compatible with Android and iOS in addition to BlackBerry phones. Mobile device management has never been easier.

Mobile Device Management for Employees on the Go