How to Easily Remove Trojan Virus on Windows7

Computer security is of great importance these days. We work on our computers and often leave critical data there. Not only that, but with the advent of online banking facilities, we often access very sensitive and critical information on our laptops and desktops. For this reason it’s essential that we keep Windows clear of any Trojans and viruses.

What is a Trojan?

A Trojan is a harmful programme – malware – similar to a virus. While a virus might damage your Windows 7 installation or delete your data, a Trojan can cause more serious damage. The word ‘Trojan’ refers to the old Greek myth of the Trojan Horse. Like that, a Windows 7 trojan virus pretends to be something else, and as it gains your trust, it gains the ability to cause serious damage. Some Trojans can masquerade as games, others can pretend to be computer security programs, while others will pretend to be innocuous Microsoft Word files. These programs are very dangerous as while they pretend to be safe, they could be stealing your vital data or damaging your documents and files. For this reason, you must make sure that your Windows 7 installation is free of any Trojans or viruses

How to guard against Windows 7 Trojans?

These tips should help you keep your Windows 7 computer free of Trojans:

  1. Don’t click on untrusted Internet links
  2. Don’t believe website popups that claim your system has a virus or Trojan
  3. Don’t install apps and programs from untrusted or suspicious sources
  4. Don’t use pirated software
  5. Keep Windows 7 updated
  6. Install a Windows security or antivirus program and scan your system regularly

Remove Trojan virus easily from Windows 7

Of course, if a Trojan still got through and has infected your Windows 7 computer, you can still remove it easily. This is what you should do to clean your computer and remove all Trojans from Windows:

  1. Download and install a security programme like Malwarebytes, Norton Internet Security, McAfee, Kaspersky AV, or Vipre. Only use the official links for downloading these vital apps
  2. Reboot your Windows computer
  3. When booting up, press F8 to access the boot menu
  4. Select the Safe Mode option
  5. Run the antivirus or security programme you installed and let it scan your entire computer.
  6. The security programme should catch the Trojan that has infected your Windows 7 installation and remove it.
  7. Once the security programme says Windows is fine, exit and reboot
  8. Again reboot into Safe Mode and run the antivirus
  9. The scan should come up clean. If not, let the security programme clean whatever viruses and Trojans it finds.
  10. Reboot! Your computer should be clean now. If you ever haver any doubts, just repeat this procedure.

Computer security is no laughing matter these days. Pirated software and cyber criminals have made it vital that we use antivirus and security programmes. Common sense is the best defense against such dangers – Install programs only if you trust the source, and never click on shady websites. These precautions, combined with a good antivirus app, should keep you safe. Of course, if some pesky Trojan virus manages to sneak past, you can use our easy-to-use  procedure to clean your Windows 7 system!

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How to Easily Remove Trojan Virus on Windows7