SmartPhone with 4.7 inch Display – HTC One X Review

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htc one xIf you are not fond of a phone with a pretty large screen then you can stop reading this review. This device comes with a 4.7 inch large screen yet it’s designed in such a way  that it looks smaller than it really is. The beauty of this smartphone is so eye catchy that if a phone were to judged by it’s design  alone then HTC one x could be an instant winner. It  would be perfect if I would say that this  smartphone is a very well built large screen phone, yet you would never have a problem slipping it from your grip, the feel of holding this device is awesome and it’s way beyond in design from the others in it’s class.

Although it comes in both white and grey color, people have given most of their votes to the white one for it’s stunning beauty, but there are drawbacks also as an user has reported that the device started to look a bit dirty after using  it for a week.    The device has an un-ibody design made from polycarbonate which makes it possible to make it lightweight without compromising with the durability.


This device comes with quad core 1.5 GHz Nvidia Tegra 3 processor and performs pretty fast. Those who are already having Samsung Galaxy S3 might point out that this device is not as fast as compared to Samsung Galaxy, but I am pretty sure that this device performs well enough to convince a lot of people who already own androids

It’s equipped with 1 gb ram, which lets the user have an amazing gaming experience. The user can experience a console quality graphics on this device, which surely defines a new realism in mobile gaming world. However at times the graphics can look cheap added with the fact that the game play has a very little thing to do with gravity, also task switching like video playing to gaming calls for a pause, but at the same time one can’t just skip without telling about the browsing experience, you can experience lightning fast browsing  with the device and you may even find out pictures at sites even before you go to them.


When it comes to display then there is probably no one to stand the competition with this device HTC One X, the screen deals with the reflection very well and delivers a clear picture from any angle. The on screen key board also feels good both in portrait and landscape mode. Almost all of us have a problem with the mobile screen when we go outdoors and reflection creates a distraction, how ever for those who are thinking about having this device, may not have to undergo the same problem…you just need to max the brightness and you would not be having any problem reading the screen. The HTC One x display has got everything that one can look for, beautiful colors, bright white and it’s resistant to reflections.


htc one x camera

This device is now considered to be the quickest camera phone available in the market as compared to others, with it’s 8 mp unit with auto focus, HD image and Led flash HTC One x simply delivers the best performance and calls for extra precaution on the user’s part because of it’s lightning fast camera performance, as I have experienced this device captures photo too fast and most of the time I have ended up capturing half dozens photos of the  same shot before I even knew. So If you want to call it a problem then you may.

HTC One X – Cons

A review is never complete without criticism and this review should not be an exception. With such  a powerful display feature and powerful processor, it’s 1800 mAH battery can burn quite fast and device can get unusually hot, make sure that you don’t use the phone for extended periods and you won’t be one of those unlucky ones who have their phones burn on them.

Another problem is it’s WI-FI connectivity; it has been reported by some users that the phone shows problem connecting to WI-FI network at times, and the same has been admitted by the company stating that it’s a hardware issue. The company has also made a promise to keep an eye in it’s manufacturing process in future and assured that there would not be such problem with it’s future smart phones.

Also there has been reports where it says that the phone can lose it’s responsiveness while on charging, but this should not be a problem anymore as the company has already issued a software fix for the same and an update should be enough to fix this problem.

If you are reading this review it means that you are thinking about buying this latest product from HTC, and you have already crossed the half way. I would say that reviews can only give you a glimpse of the real show therefore you should just go and buy yourself a one and decide if it’s worth the money.

SmartPhone with 4.7 inch Display – HTC One X Review

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