Web Coding (Part 3): How to learn Web Designing Online

This is a follow-up article of web coding series. If you have missed earlier articles read it here.

wordpressPart 1: Web Coding- Introduction

Part 2: Install WordPress on local computer.

Now wordpress is installed on your computer. (If not you must install WordPress now). There are many uses by installing wordpress on your computer.

  1. If you have a website running under WordPress , it is better to make change first on your computer and check if it is working before making the change live on your site.
  2. If you don’t own a domain name and web host you can still run a wordpress site locally for learning purpose.
  3. You can learn web development using wordpress.

You might have known that WordPress is the most popular CMS (Content Management System) currently. Thousands of websites and blogs (including this blog TechAndProject.com) are running using wordpress. According to W3Tech’s survey of the top 1 million domains, almost 55% of CMS are run on WordPress. So if you are looking forward to become a web designer, you must use wordpress and learn web design based on it.

Web Coding- Free Sites

If you want to learn web designing for free online, there are numerous tutorial sites on web teaching web technologies. Some of the important sites are listed below.
1. W3schools.com

W3schools.com is probably the number 1 tutorial site which teaches almost all the web technologies for free. Apart from normal tutorials and references, it also provides a platform to test your skills using Try it Yourself editor. Just edit the code and find the output instantly with ease. It also offers an online certification program, where you can become certified in the most popular web topics.

2. CodeAcademy.com
“Learning is fun” is the motto of Code Academy. You won’t feel like you are learning some complex stuff here. It is just like playing games with your friends and having fun.

3. Tizag.com
Tizag is designed to teach beginner web programmers HTML, CSS, PHP, etc. Like w3schools you could not get an awesome feel here. But it is one of the best reference sites regarding web coding on the web.

4. WebDesign.About.com
As you know About.com is not a typical tutorial site. But one thing what about.com make different is that they provide free email web design course. You just need to sign up their web design newsletter and learn web coding by reading emails. This course is aimed at beginners.

Free vs. Paid Learning

pocket money

It is true that there are many free web design learning tutorial and references sites. But if you want to become a professional web designer, apart from the learning materials and valuable references you may need some expert instructions and frequent advice, tips, and feedback regarding your work. One of the cons of these free online learning is that you won’t get such support. There would be a big gap between what industry needs currently and what you are trying to learn so hard.

Learn from the Experts- WebDesign.com

If you had kept up with the news of popular wordpress themes you might have heard about iThemes. iThemes is one of the leaders in producing high-quality, professional WordPress themes, plugins and web design training. Apart from selling WordPress themes for small businesses they also provide professional web design training for people around the world at WebDesign Their course is not just limited to languages like CSS and PHP but also includes WordPress theme and plugin training, freelance, SEO, blogging, Photoshop and lot more. (It actually consists of hundreds of titles and everything I am unable to write here.)

5 Reasons Why I think WebDesign Stand Out from the Crowd?

These are some reasons why I believe Webdesign is perfect place to learn for a serious web designing aspirant.

1. 340+ hours of recorded on-demand training

It is not just a reference/tutorial site. If you become a member of webdesign you can access the massive training library consists 340+ hours of recorded, on-demand training materials, support files and documents. No rush, you can learn at your own pace anywhere at any time.

2. Learn from Industrial Experts

Webdesign team is not just a training team. They sell wordpress themes, plugins and they know how the web coding business works.

This course focuses on how to use WordPress as a platform of all development projects. These are comprehensive training events stands for giving you the necessary tools to develop outstanding websites.

3. Freelance focus

This is not some kind of certificate program. For a web developer it’s not enough to learn only developer and designer skills. You also need the skills and tools for running a successful web design business, say like marketing, dealing with clients, to writing, to contracts, to providing resources and more. The best thing is that you can get all these training in one place.

4. Live webinars from experts

Each month you can access hours of webinars. You can also ask your question and discuss from the live chat at those events. The guests include not only designers but other marketing and blogging experts too.

5. Support

Get advice and feedbacks from the members’ only forums. Join on members only chat and get and offer help and solutions.

What WebDesign is not for?

This is neither a certificate course nor a traditional course providing by universities.  This is not just a give a try course. This course is for serious guys especially who are looking forward to make money online, freelancers and who want to develop outstanding websites.

Try It Now Free

Before purchasing the product you might want to check out the style of training materials. Logon to WebDesign site and click on the Try it free button there and you can watch out one free webinar that has been recorded earlier.

Currently for the full WebDesign course, it costs $397 per year. If you want to attend only the webinars, it costs $49 per month and $97 annually.

Special Deal for you…

To be honest, I am an affiliate of WebDesign program which means if you join for the program by clicking any of my links, they’ll give me a fraction of money as commission. So if you are looking forward to join for the WebDesign training program join from here and send me an email. As soon as I receive your email I’ll send you a copy of Definitive Guide to Google Summer of Code ebook worth $9.95 absolutely free!

If you are not aware of Google Summer of Code, it is a Google sponsored program for student developers. Every summer Google announce this open source project program. If a student developer wanted to code for any open source project and if he get selected, Google will send him/her a stipend up to $5000. Note that many open source organizations including wordpress used to participate on Summer of Code.

So apart from completing the webdesign training, you can also get guidance for applying for Summer of Code program and if you get succeed on the program you’ll be given a certificate by Google and of course, stipend up to $5000.

So join the WebDesign course here and send me an email via this form. I’ll send you a copy of Definitive Guide to Google Summer of Code worth $9.95 absolutely free.

Web Coding (Part 3): How to learn Web Designing Online

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