How to Unlock your Samsung Galaxy S2

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We can rather call this age as the technology booming age. Since the introduction of iPhones, the existing mobile brands are unveiling mobile models that are in par with iPhones. One such phone that is making waves in today’s world is the Samsung Galaxy S2. When it was introduced, it was the sleekest mobile model that was available in the market. This fantastic phone has an 8M megapixel camera and a core dual processor all comprised in just 8.49mm. This phone is a total style statement which doesn’t fail to make its owners proud.

The only problem faced by the population in phone was its unlocking procedure which was quite a tedious one. Hence, AndroidPIT came up with a technique that disclosed the method to unlock this phone in just 2 minutes. The technique is a simple and it is directed below.

What is unlocking

The Samsung mobiles like any other mobiles used by common man function in Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) concept, which supports the process of voice calls and its advanced features. This unlocking technique is mainly done to make the phone compatible with the network provider’s sim card. The GSM based mobile phones by default come with a sim lock which avoids the phone to work with unidentified carrier frequencies. To overcome this defect, unlocking of the phone is done.

Beginning Of the Unlocking Process

  • To initiate the process of unlocking, the network service provider must be called and requested for an unlocking pin.
  • You will be asked to provide your IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity – has in store all the details of the mobile which makes it easy to track the phone when lost) number in exchange with the unlocking code.
  • To get hold of the IMEI number of your phone, just type *#06# in your mobile; IMEI number will be displayed.
  • If the process of acquiring this IMEI number is not free and tedious, you can always access a reliable website like and receive the number as per the given instructions.

Unlocking Procedure

  • Insert the unaccepted sim card in the Samsung mobile.
  • Switch on your mobile
  •  Once the phone is switched on, it will display a message asking for the unlocking pin.
  •  Type in the pin and once its accepted, your phone is unlocked and ready to go with sim cards of any network providers.

Failure in the Unlocking Route

  • In case of failure in accepting the code, the mobile will show the message, SLOT IN CORRECT SIM CARD”.
  •  If that is the case, then switch off and on the phone once again with the unaccepted sim and enter #7465625*638*CODE#, where the CODE in the sequence specifies the unlocking code.
  •  Now your phone is compatible with any of the service provider’s sim.

There will be certain hiccups with the advancement of technology and all we need is that one extra fold in the brain to which provokes us to have the curiosity to discover the method to stop or overcome the hiccup. One such hurdle was the compatibility with the network provider in GSM mobiles like Samsung and the easy method to jump over the hurdle was disclosed successfully.

How to Unlock your Samsung Galaxy S2

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