6 Secrets: Why People Hate Using Free Open Source Software


Though free software provide many benefit for the users, most of the people still believe proprietary software is better, no matter how much they got to pay for it (or is it pirated?!) By this article I want to reveal the 7 secrets why people are still prefer to use proprietary software and not the free software. Here we go…

1. Poor documentation

poor documentationWhile open source software has made massive progress in usability in the last decade, but even today most of them are still difficult to use, inconsistent, poorly organized, or no documentation.

Only a handful of Open Source software has any documentation at all. And out of the few that do, much of it is unfinished and erroneous. Though popular Open Source projects like Linux have enormous documents available, but at a larger level training docs are lacking. Documentation and the training it imparts is one major reason why Microsoft is so popular in enterprises. This also emphasises the fact that documentation is vital to the successful implementation of OSS.

2. Migration from Windows to Free software haunts

We are living in a world which encourages proprietary software culture. Most of us used to use only proprietary software on our computers. From our childhood we are taught to use it.

Even if people want to use free software at their PCs, they could not easily find an effective way to migrate from proprietary to free software. In my case, I’ve tried to migrate from Windows 7 to Ubuntu, but I found many obstacles on the way, for e.g. I’ve been using Reliance Netconnect+ modem for connecting to internet. Since it does not support Ubuntu in the pure form I’ve rethought the idea of migration.

3. Open source lagging on games

no gameGame is one area in which open source still has not beaten the proprietary software world. Nevertheless, there are still some excellent and fun projects out there. Some excellent open source games are Sauerbraten , AssaultCube,  Freeciv , Nexuiz and BZFlag etc.

4. Security of data

Some people believe that Open Source is less secure. Those with a stronger understanding realize that they can evaluate its security directly by having knowledgeable staff or outside experts. Open Source is not less secure simply because it is Open Source.

There’s been a lot of debate by security practitioners about the impact of open source approaches on security. One of the key issues is that open source exposes the source code to examination by everyone, both the attackers and defenders, and reasonable people disagree about the ultimate impact of this situation.

This problem exists because there is no dominant authority that people can trust. Also, users are not familiar with open source software and this lack of knowledge makes them uncomfortable while using it.

Because of this fear, proprietary vendors have customers in their palm even if their product is not better than open source software.

5. People are taught to use only proprietary software

Bill Gates and educationAs I’ve told earlier, most of us used to use only proprietary software on our computers. Students are being taught to use it and they are partially or completely unaware of free software and benefits it provides.

Educating students signifies a major revenue source for some of the proprietary software vendors. In addition, it is a huge opportunity to acquaint their product to the future adults and keep their dominance forever. They spend huge amount of money on marketing to acquire the support of educational departments. Some of the govt. proudly announces that they are partnered with Microsoft. But the fact is proprietary software is incompatible with education because users are just inert consumers and are legally restricted from examining its source code. Education using computers should be free. Is should not be a place for corporations to ensure its monopoly.

6. Availability of pirated software

If you want to purchase Windows 7 online, you got to pay a price between INR 5900 to 11,800. Who want licensed copy? For a single OS people don’t want to spend this much of money. If you are ready to pay just INR.40, you will get the pirated Windows OS and these pirated DVD are the “best seller” in grey market.

As per the report of Times of India

“Nearly half the world’s personal computers use software that is pirated. In India, it’s worse. Only about one-third of the software sold is genuine, according to Business Software Alliance (BSA), a trade group representing some of the largest software makers, including Microsoft and Adobe.”

6 Secrets: Why People Hate Using Free Open Source Software

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  1. The big advantage of propriatiery software is that it sets a clear standard. That is probably the reason of its popularity. Industry loves standards because its decreases compatibility problems. It is not for no reason that Word is still the leading wordprocessor today.
    In addition, related to it, big names have status.

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