How I Recovered My Photographs on Mac Using Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery

Vishal is a technical writer at a leading data recovery company where he write articles on Mac OS X  recovery software. Vishal, himself went through data loss situations and on the basis of his experience he is sharing useful knowledge to let the users know about the usefulness of the photo recovery software for Mac OS X.

photo-recovery-mac-boxThe most obvious advantage that all Windows users enjoy is low cost with a realm of user-friendly features. However, with the advent of Mac OS X, Apple has certainly taken over the software market. Mac is superior to Windows in terms of security and the design of its user interface. It is certainly good for professional applications, such as photo editing, movie editing, etc. However, your Mac machine may occasionally crash and render all data stored on the hard drive inaccessible. This leads to loss of all your esteemed and priceless photos that resemble some of the momentous experiences you have shared with your family and friends. If you are a professional photographer, this may wreak havoc on your career as well. To get over this problem, you need to go for Mac photo recovery through a reliable third-party utility.

For instance, as a professional photographer, I clicked some photos in a wedding ceremony. To edit these images, I attached the memory card of my camera to a Mac OS X based laptop. But, at this time, an error popped up on the screen stating:

“Memory card error”

The situation became worse, when I was unable to access even a single image stored on the card. The photographs were precious as they captured some of the most valuable moments. But as every cloud has a silver lining, a ray of hope was visible when I searched over the Internet to find out an advanced Mac photo recovery software.

I read many blogs, forums and articles. After doing a thorough research, I purchased one software that worked a treat for me. All the inaccessible photos were now visible and I can easily edit them. These third-party photo recovery tools use robust scanning algorithms to effectively recover all lost, deleted or formatted photos and videos from your Mac machine. The simple GUI of these software make them comprehensible and easy-to-use. They are specifically designed for the naive users and do not require any special technical skills or prior software experience.

The software that I used was Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery for Mac. This phenomenal utility has a knack of easily and smoothly recovering all lost photos, images, videos clips, songs, pod casts, etc. from your Mac hard drive. The software also provides a dynamic preview of photos at the time of scanning. Furthermore, it is compatible with the latest Mac OS X 10.7 ‘Lion’.

How I Recovered My Photographs on Mac Using Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery

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