Stylish Blue Netbooks: Buyer’s Guide

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Blue Netbook Laptop AcerFor those who need a portable, stylish computer to take along when they are travelling, netbooks are the ideal devices. Users of these mini laptops access the internet and carry out basic computing tasks with ease whether they are at the office, home or aboard a flight. When it comes to shopping for blue netbooks, you will find an array of models and versions from top brands like from Acer, Compaq, Asus, Dell, Samsung and HP in markets. Before you set out to get your own blue netbook computer, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Screen size

The screen size is a critical aspect to consider when you are looking for  netbooks. Most of these computers come with screen sizes ranging between 8.9 inches to 10.2 inches. For regular home users, business users and students who simply need to create basic documents, browse the net or use email, even the smallest screen size is adequate. For users who work on intricate graphics or with statistics, a large size screen will make working much easier on the eyes. This is especially true if you need to work long hours with your  netbook.

Another advantage of opting for a larger screen netbook is that you are likely to get a larger keyboard to match. For those who find typing on cramped keyboards a painful and time consuming process, large screen- large keyboard  netbooks are good choices. You can even find 12inch screens with a few models, but these will be considerably more bulky than the 8.9 inch models. If display takes higher priority over portability, you can choose this model.

Hard disk or SSD

When it comes to choosing between different models of blue netbooks, another factor to consider is the storage. You will find some of the best deals in the market on netbooks with hard disk storage. Most of these work with a SATA consumer drive that is easy to upgrade or replace a few years later. The downside of these is their slow data retrieval, noise, and power consumption.

If you want your netbook to last for the maximum number of hours without a battery recharge, then using an SSD netbook may be a better option for you. These are power efficient and speedier and these factors let you work more effectively. SSD netbooks are also more resilient to shock so they are ideal for frequent travellers. These are also better options for those who need substantial storage space on their netbooks.

Battery life

For users who work long hours, the battery pack is also a critical aspect to consider before buying a netbook. Most of these mini laptops come with a 3 battery pack that lets you work uninterrupted for 3 to 4 hours. You can compare various models and check up on user reviews to find the most battery efficient one before you make your purchase. If a 3 hour period is just not enough for you, then invest in a 6 battery pack or look for attractive package offers on netbooks with 6 batteries. Even the cheapest of these may come with significantly higher prices in comparison with a deal offering a netbook with a 3 battery pack.

In addition you need to consider the extra weight that you will have to carry around if you opt for the additional batteries. Weigh the advantage of longer working time against these disadvantages before you make your final decision.

Stylish Blue Netbooks: Buyer’s Guide