Cheap Gaming Laptops: Everything Need To Know Before Buying

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cheap-gaming-laptopsIn recent years, there has been a growth in the number and range of computers designed especially for gaming purposes. Although these are often centred on desktops, as these can offer an unparalleled degree of processing power, there is also a sizeable market for gaming laptops. These provide a far more portable and compact equivalent to the desktop, but still have the technological capacity to run games that contain a large amount of data, elaborate graphical design and high memory requirements. In order to attain the best quality and performance from a gaming laptop, there is a great focus on custom-built computers, which can drive the price up, though it is still possible to get cheaper options on pre-built computers, as well as on broadband and laptop deals.When searching for a cheap gaming laptop, there are certain factors to take into consideration and certain pitfalls to be aware of, in order to make sure you get that all-important value for money. First and foremost has to be the technical specifications of the gaming laptop as, for maximum enjoyment, it needs to be able to run games at the desired speed and without any sacrifice made to the graphics or game play. With regards to this, it is important to look for a laptop with a considerable processing capacity. At least 6GB of RAM would be the bare minimum necessary to handle standard games. Pre-built gaming laptops will nearly always come with this specification.

In addition, a quality graphics card is crucial. Unlike desktops, laptops rarely offer the opportunity to upgrade the graphics card, so it is therefore very important to make sure the original is to a high standard. One recent example is the Scalable Link Interface, developed by NVIDIA, which enables two or more video cards to output through a single point. This guarantees a much higher quality of graphical display but can be expensive. It is possible to get a reasonable picture from a cheaper and simpler design. The lack of upgradeability does mean that choosing a good graphics card should be an integral part of any gaming laptop purchase decision.

There are also certain pitfalls that can be encountered when choosing a gaming laptop and avoiding these can help to ensure value for money. The first of these is the risk of overheating that can come from a laptop that has to run such an extensive range of powerful components. Advanced processing elements and a complex graphics card both use a lot of energy and, when running at full capacity, can generate quite a lot of heat. Naturally this can be damaging to the computer so, although a decent inbuilt cooling system can push the price up, it is a worthwhile investment as it will help to ensure the longevity of the laptop.

This directly links to the second hazard to be aware of, which is battery life. One of the main benefits in opting for a gaming laptop over a desktop is that it can be played on the go, without needing a mains connection. However, the sizeable processing components, as well as the necessary cooling mechanisms, do then devour battery power, meaning that you may not be able to play for a particularly long spell of time. The best way to get around this particular issue is to choose a laptop with a large battery and then take care to minimise wear and tear on it. For example, refrain from unplugging the laptop from the mains while the battery is still charging up.

One other aspect to consider when choosing a gaming laptop is aesthetic appearance. In many cases, brands will use very similar internal components so they prioritise external visual elements in order to draw consumers to their product. A great way to save money on a cheap gaming laptop is to essentially ignore the aesthetic of the computer and go for a simpler design that has far greater power and quality.

In conclusion, choosing to go for a cheap gaming laptop does not necessarily mean sacrificing quality and it is still possible to get value for money. Custom-built gaming laptops dominate the top end of the market but when making a decision on a cheaper option, make sure to select a powerful processor, advanced graphics card and extensive battery life. Avoid anything lacking an adequate cooling mechanism or trying to sell itself on appearance alone. Finding the right broadband and laptop deals is another great way to save some money.

Cheap Gaming Laptops: Everything Need To Know Before Buying

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