Google Code-in 2011 Announced!

google code in 2011Google has just announced open source project program Google Code-In 2011 for pre-university students aged between 13-17. Participating mentoring organizations will announce on Nov 9th. Here are the excerpts from official blog.

Open source development involves much more than just computer programming, and the Google Code-in competition reflects that by having lots of different tasks to choose from. We organize the tasks into eight major categories:

1. Code: Writing or refactoring code

2. Documentation: Creating and editing documents

3. Outreach: Community management and outreach, as well as marketing

4. Quality Assurance: Testing and ensuring code is of high quality

5. Research: Studying a problem and recommending solutions

6. Training: Helping others learn more

7. Translation: Localization (adapting code to your region and language)

8. User interface: User experience research or user interface design and interaction

You can visit the Frequently Asked Questions to know more on Google Code-in. Code-in is similar to Summer of Code, so downloading my free ebook by subscribing my email updates (newsletter) will be useful for Code In aspirants. You can download free ebook: 31 Ways How Not to Apply for GSoC by entering your name and email on the right most side of this blog for free.

Google Code-in 2011 Announced!