New Social Network for MBAs: MBA Watch Launched by Beat The GMAT

mba watchEric Bahn, a Stanford graduate and founder of the blog Beat The Gmat has launched MBA Watch, a social network for MBAs. Beat The Gmat is a blog a general test-prep site attracting about 2 million student visitors a month. MBA Watch pull together all the information about the top 20 business schools and applicants in one place. So if you are looking forward to join Harvard, Standford, Wharton, etc. MBA watch is a must see site for you. It works like a Facebook Wall just like pulling official blog posts, Facebook Fan page updates and Tweets about each schools. So you can toggle between official sources and unofficial talks about the schools. The site also pulls together general stats like number of applicants, range of GMAT scores, and student demographics, as well as rankings and articles.

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David Park is currently the CEO of MBA Watch, who is a former McKinsey consultant with a computer science degree from MIT and a Harvard Law degree. “Neither of us (Park and Bahn) ever went to business school,” says Park. Anyway Beat the GMAT already attracts an active community of pre-MBAs.


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New Social Network for MBAs: MBA Watch Launched by Beat The GMAT