Google Chrome’s Cloud Computing Operating System Beta Version Just Released

Google’s Official Blog has just updated news that they release the pilot program of Google Chrome Operating System which runs on the basis of Cloud Computing. The operating system is not public now. Some of the features of Chrome operating system need new hardware. Instead of selling free pre-beta computers they launch a pilot program where Google give test laptops to qualified people. Presently Google Chrome has 120 million active users. Google is expecting more users next year when OS device will release. Google hopes that Chrome OS will become one of the top 3 operating systems. To participating in the pilot program visit here Chrome notebook software. Still not aware what cloud computing based operating system is? Continue reading…

Cloud Computing

Wikipedia defines Cloud computing as a “Web-based processing, whereby shared resources, software, and information are provided to computers and other devices (such as smartphones) on demand over the Internet.”

It can be explained with simple examples. Your email application is based on cloud computing (Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, and Hotmail etc.) You don’t have downloaded any program in your computer but you use it in web. If you buy a computer you need to purchase software with license. If you would like to use more computers you have to own licensed software for each. But if you use cloud computing, just pay for single software and you can use that software for your entire computer.

Google Chrome Operating System

Google Chrome operating system works under the principle of cloud computing. This operating system will not have any programs other than a browser installed in computer. All programs can be accessed with the browser. In case of Google operating system, the browser is Google Chrome. Nothing to amaze with it… for example instead of using MS Word, you can use Google Docs and so on. As Google Chrome operating system need new hardware, we can’t predict full ability of it. There were some rumors around internet about beta release of Chrome operating system. But Google refused all and now it is in test drive. See images of Google Chrome OS from launching venue and Google Chrome online guide made by HTML 5 on.

Google Chrome’s Cloud Computing Operating System Beta Version Just Released