Black Box, the Flight Data Recorder

As per Prophet Mohammed’s words, God creates not even a single disease without medicine. The medicine for the aircraft accident is definitely the Flight Data Recorder(FDR)or widely known as Black box. The FDR is not a solution, but it is a key for the solutions. Every investigations has to start with finding FDR. It is a device used to store specific performance parameters of aircraft. Sometime it also used to store conservation in the cockpit.

Is Black box safe?
The black box is usually mounted in aircraft’s empennage (tail section).
Position of Black Box FDR CVR in Airplane
Usually in most aircraft crash, the tail section has survived, nothing matter how hazardous does the accident was. You may also see in news, the tail end will be there as wreckage, which themselves showing the name and logo of the airline company proudly. It seems funny to provide the maximum security for such black box and minimum security for the people who are present in the aircraft. Yep, retrieving the clues is very important to avoid the future accident and to find how the crash had happened.

Black box Orange Colour inside aircraft
What’s new in aircraft safety?
In case of the latest aeroplane crash, the investigation reveals the fact that there is a feasibility to cause damage for black box if the crash is severe, which points the need of new aspects in aircraft’s safety. In addition, the retrieval of FDR is quite difficult if the plane crashed into ocean. Some modern devices are self- ejecting, that’s seperated from aircraft. It is also equipped with radio and sonar beacons for aiding their locations.
In case of space shuttle locater, instead of using FDR, downlinks are used.

Does not India Capable of Analyzing Black box?
What is the difference between FDR and CVR?

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Black Box, the Flight Data Recorder

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